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Pinup fairy Clarissa by creampuffchan Pinup fairy Clarissa by creampuffchan
Okay! So I am thinking about doing a pin up fairy project, and this one's name is Clarissa (chances are I will never draw these fairy girls again because they don't have a bio or anything, they're just for a pretty picture I suppose)
I'm at my dad's so I had to use my old tablet ;;A;; om I forgot how to use it x'D It felt weird.
So anyways I hope you like it! ;w;

IF YOU CRITIQUE ME PLEASE not only tell me what I did wrong but how to fix it so I can do it better UwU'' Otherwise I don't really know how to fix it.. @w@''
Oh my gawd. This is just oh my gawd! Im speechless! This is SO stunning!! I have to say, your improving alot! and the anatomy in this... is just awesome! You picked the correct colors for a fairy! You shaded so well with the skin and clothing. The way i look at it, there's really nothing wrong with this.And as always, the way you do the eyes is just beautiful! I also noticed that you drew the nails fully in this one. Its great!~ I love her hairstyle and her lipstick makes her look more... \How should i say this...more.. sexy? O3O
I've always wanted to do a critique for you and i hope this critique is okay enough.
I would love to see more of your artwork.
What do you think?
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You seriously have the cutest style, gosh. Proportions and colors are great, and it has a very nice balance to the whole picture. Ah :3

Since you asked for critique, I'll try to be as helpful as possible!
Firstly, I think the shading looks nice! But I think there could be a lot more of it. I can tell that there are the beginnings of shading and shadows here, but try going a bit darker - you want a wider range between shadows and highlights to really make your drawing pop.

Secondly, while I do adore this pink/yellow mesh (which is nicely complimented with brown tones), I think that the pink and yellow might be a wee bit too saturated for the browns! Take that down a notch or two, and you're set.

Third, I would LOVE to see as much detail as you put into the hair and eyes especially into other parts of the drawing, like the wings and the pattern on the dress. For the dress, shading with a pattern can be hard - this is where layer play comes in! For the wings, seeing different textures and veins and things like that would really make them stand out.

Besides that, the drawing is wonderful. The pose is suggestive and shy/cute at the same time, the proportions are great - overall it's a very impressive drawing, very light and playful! Great job!! :3
What do you think?
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Yumichan216 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So pretty ;u; and I love her wings <3
AllyX-8 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012
Oh my gosh! She is so pretty
I have loved seeing you improve so much ;u;
Everything just looks so amazing, I can't wait to see more of your pin up project ouo
The only thing I can think of improving is a smoother line-art..But it's wonderful either way ouo"
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October 13, 2012
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